Our youth should be able to move freely and feel safe on our streets. This is what SRTS, a supporting strategy of Vision Zero, is all about.


The City of Los Angeles has adopted a Vision Zero goal to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2025. Children walking and bicycling in our city are one of our most vulnerable populations.  For some portion of each day, children walk along our streets.  Recognizing that our youth may not have the maturity level to understand the risks and dangers associated with traffic crashes, SRTS implements engineering improvements to reduce motor vehicle speed and reckless driving that can result in fatal or severe injury traffic crashes.  Safety education enhances our youth’s understanding of how to travel safely as walkers and bikers. A collaborative approach that involves the City, schools and communities can be the catalyst for transforming our City’s transportation infrastructure to reduce collisions as well as increase the share of children who walk and bicycle to school.  


SRTS uses data driven approaches to inform the types of infrastructure (Engineering) and non-infrastructure (Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation) countermeasures and resources to use in school neighborhoods. This 5 E’s approach allows us to customize safety plans to best suit the needs of each school.

The partnership between the City and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) continues to be fundamental to the success of SRTS.  Both parties are committed to achieving the outcomes prescribed in the Safe Routes to School Action Plan and Progress Report. We will work together to ensure that every student travels safely to and from school.

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