Dear Friends,

Every year, nearly half of all people who die from collisions on Los Angeles’s streets are people walking and bicycling, and the fatalities disproportionately impact seniors and school-age children. School-age children account for nearly 30 percent of people fatally or severely injured while walking or bicycling in Los Angeles.

Children should be able to make their way to and from school safely. Safe Routes to School is a key component of Vision Zero Los Angeles, an initiative to eliminate traffic deaths in the City of Los Angeles by 2025. Since the launch of the Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan in 2011, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the City of Los Angeles have formed a close partnership that focuses on enabling and encouraging children to walk and bicycle safely to school. These efforts have culminated in the Safe Routes to School Action Plan, which details steps for increasing safety and decreasing deaths and serious injuries. Continuing to make strategic, data-driven approaches to engineering, enforcement, education, and evaluation, in partnership with school communities, will make L.A.’s streets safer.

Encouraging walking and bicycling to school will also contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle for Angelenos from an early age.

Together, we can ensure that safe travels to and from school is a top priority, and make Los Angeles a safer place for everyone traveling through our city.



Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti